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Small Group Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) merges the best of both worlds, combining the personalised attention of one-on-one personal training, with the camaraderie and support of a close-knit group setting. This innovative approach is designed to elevate your fitness journey and provide you with an array of benefits:

  • Personalised Coaching, Group Energy: With SGPT, you will experience the individualised coaching you've come to expect from individual personal training sessions, all while enjoying the energy and motivation that comes from training alongside like-minded individuals.

  • Focused Form, Reduced Risk: Rest assured, your safety and proper technique remain paramount. All clients will still receive personalised coaching to ensure optimal form, minimising the risk of injuries and maximising the effectiveness of every exercise.

  • Motivating Group Dynamic: The group atmosphere brings a fresh wave of motivation and fun to your training sessions. Working together with your peers adds an exciting dynamic that will keep you engaged, motivated and inspired.

  • Sense of Community: Training with individuals who share similar goals fosters a sense of community that is both encouraging and empowering.

  • Each session will have a maximum of 4 clients per session, allowing me to continue tailoring workouts towards your specific goals and fitness levels. 

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