As a personal trainer, I am regularly asked which equipment I think is the best for fat loss, building muscle, or increasing mobility and flexibility. 

The industry is flooded with equipment, most of which are not useful at all, but some have proven to be game changing. 

Here is my list of recommendations I give to my clients depending on their goals and situation. 


1. TRX Suspension Trainer

With a TRX, the world is your gym. The simplistic design allows you to literally use your body as the resistance to pull, push, rotate, hold, jump, squat, lunge. 


The straps can be set up almost anywhere too. A tree, a door, the back of a van, a post etc. 


Oh and it's small and light enough to take on holiday (so no excuses). 

Matt Press.jpeg

2. Kettlebells

These 'Russian originated bells' offer the opportunity for quick workouts as you can flow from one exercise to another without having to put the kettlebell down. Spend 20 minutes pushing, pulling, swinging, squatting with a kettlebell and you’ll be ‘feeling the burn’.  



Resistance bands both long and short are also a great way of adding load to movements. You can isolate smaller muscle groups too which is why physiotherapists prescribe a lot of band exercises to their patients. I would recommend thicker bands as the thinner they are, the more chance they’ll snap.


4. Form Protein 

There are hundreds of options when it comes to protein shakes and I am often asked which is best. It is person specific, so speaking for myself, my wife and some clients who struggle to digest whey protein, a great alternative is a plant based company called Form Nutrition. They use organic pea, brown rice and hemp protein and no animal products.