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Your Lockdown 2.0 Fitness Guide

We’re here again, in another lockdown. Thankfully this isn’t our first experience of isolation and making many life adjustments. Whether you began a new exercise routine in the first lockdown or you used it as a reason to not exercise, let me share some thoughts on how lockdown 2.0 can be your chance to kickstart your fitness again.

TRX Low Row In Petersfield Park
TRX Low Row

Do you need equipment to exercise? In most cases, no. However if you were to maximise the effectiveness of your fitness plan, a TRX Suspension Trainer should be top of your list. The light, handy straps can be used with a door or wrap around a sturdy tree. They offer one of the best ways to perform ‘pulling’ based exercises which our bodies need more than ever given the extra time we spend sitting nowadays. When we sit, drive or even look at our phones we generally round our shoulders and extend our neck forward. Over time, this can lead to poor posture, a weak core and back pain. Stop the process in it's tracks by investing in a set of the straps and get pulling, pushing, squatting, lunging and so much more.

Kettlebell Row in sunny Petersfield garden
Kettlebell Row

Sticking with the equipment topic, one or two kettlebells can go a long way. They offer the opportunity for quick workouts as you can flow from one exercise to another without having to put the kettlebell down. Spend 20 minutes pushing, pulling, swinging, squatting with a kettlebell and you’ll be ‘feeling the burn’. Most of the exercises target multiple muscles which leads to a higher level of energy being required, therefore burning more calories which contributes to fat loss.

Resistance bands both long and short are also a great way of adding load to movements. You can isolate smaller muscle groups too which is why physiotherapists prescribe a lot of band exercises to their patients. I would recommend thicker bands as the thinner they are, the more chance they’ll snap.

Resistance Band Rotation
Resistance Band Rotation

All the gear but still no idea? Flick through your social media and there will be hundreds of live and pre-recorded workouts for you to follow. Find a trainer or brand you like the look of and give it a go. If you still need more motivation, there are many personal trainers who have adapted their services by offering zoom workouts or even meeting in the local public area. There is no better time to take control of your body and mind, so what are you waiting for?

You have been presented with the opportunity of time. Something that doesn’t happen too often and may not again in our lifetime. Cast your mind back to what ‘normal’ life was in pre-Coronavirus times, how often would you say you didn’t have time to do something? Use this time wisely and it could set you up for an indulgent Christmas (we all deserve that!).

I hope you and your families are staying fit and healthy. Make a start today and your future self will thank you for it.


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