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Top Benefits of Boxing

Now social distancing rules have eased, I am once again able to do ‘Padwork Boxing’ with my clients. I am really excited about this, although I imagine my clients are even more excited than me. Throughout my 12 years as a personal trainer, I have only had a handful of client who didn’t enjoy boxing for one reason or another. There is a huge number of benefits boxing can bring, so I urge you to read on and see why you should give it a try.

1. Core Strength

Boxing is a great way to develop both a functional core and aesthetic abs. A common misconception is that boxing is just an arm workout. If you box with poor form, then your shoulders will fatigue quickly, but with proper form, you will find you can keep going for longer and it is also an incredible core workout.

To generate speed and power in boxing you need to utilise hip and trunk rotation. This requires the muscles of the abdomen such as the internal and external obliques to contract explosively (both concentrically and eccentrically) to produce torque as well as to slow down the movement so that your centre of mass remains over your base of support i.e midline stability.

2. Accessibility

Boxing is one of the most accessible forms of cardiovascular exercise you can do. However, most people associate the sport with intimidating, professional boxing rings or ‘boxercise’ classes at boutique studios. This really isn’t the case as anyone can shadow-box in their living room or with a friend or partner. You only need a set of gloves and pads which are inexpensive to perform partnered padwork.

3. Stress Reliever

We all get stressed and if this last year is anything to go by, the more stress relievers we have in our lives, the better! And, while any exercise is good for releasing endorphins, boxing is particularly good for stress-busting, and can be great to help you release your tension.

Boxing can be a very meditative exercise. When you clear your mind and focus just on hammering away on some pads, all of the outside stresses in your life fade away.

4. Incredible Cardio Benefits

One of the things that make boxing so great for your heart is that the act of controlled punching forces many of your muscles to contract at once. Boxing requires you to always move around and stay light on your feet, thus also giving your heart and lungs a run for their money. Training your heart to work more efficiently means that those muscles you are using to throw punches are better fed with blood and oxygen thanks to your heart being able to pump more life into them.

5. Improved Hand-eye Coordination

One of the benefits of boxing training is that it works to improve your hand-eye coordination. Drilling your punch combinations can help you train your arms to hit at the right angle and will build muscle memory.

This hand-eye coordination isn’t just useful when you’re boxing, it builds fine motor skills which are valuable for a range of day to day activities such as catching objects and many other actions.

If you haven’t already tried boxing or at least the training that comes with it, you may want to give it a shot, literally and metaphorically! Punching away at a heavy bag, padwork, and all of the other training aspects that come with the great sport of boxing, will enrich you with so many benefits. These far outweigh any negative consequences that may come with this sport, especially if you don’t box competitively so you should really give it a go.


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