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Should You Train Whilst Injured?

Injuries can occur in many ways. Sometimes, rather frustratingly, you don’t know how you’ve hurt something, other times it can be through sport, or it could be as simple as turning your ankle, pulling your back, or just sleeping awkwardly.

Whether you should completely rest, or if you are able to work around your injury will depend on the severity and site of your injury.

I have had my fair share of injuries, mostly football related, and I have always tried to work around them, rather than stop moving completely if possible.

If a client has an injury or niggle, we do our best to work around this. Sometimes rather than an intense workout, a stretch/mobility/flexibility session will do wonders. Other times, if they have injured their knee for example, we will focus on core and upper body movements instead.

The biggest advice I can give is if you suffer from injury or niggle, get it seen to as soon as possible, rather than letting it manifest and potentially get worse. If a car light came on on your dashboard, you would get it fixed quickly otherwise that car may breakdown. If you treat your body this way, it won’t let you down.

Remember that injuries are just part of the process, it’s how you deal with them that counts. Learn from how you suffered the injury and try to strengthen that weakness, change the equipment or become more aware of how you move.

In Petersfield we are blessed to have some great physiotherapists, my personal recommendation is Ben at Body and Mind Physiotherapy. Contact Ben if you need any help with that niggle injury and get it sorted today.

If you want to know how to best work around your injuries or put a programme together, feel free to email me at robcarrpt@gmail.com or DM me on instagram (Robcarr11) or Facebook (Robcarrrpt).


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