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Science shows running makes you feel good!

Research has shown that running releases ‘feel good’ hormones (called endorphins), with the effects these give being likened to the effect that morphine has on our body, meaning the phrase ‘hitting the ground running’ is backed up both literally and scientifically. It’s no wonder that your running friend will constantly tell you about their latest run, or one they are in training for. It can be a seriously healthy addiction that people want to shout about.

The hardest part of any run is the thought of it, especially now that winter has arrived and the dark mornings and evenings make the prospect of getting your trainers on even less appealing. However, the sense of euphoria you get having pounded the pavements of Petersfield is worth it’s weight in gold. Promise.

People often say to me, “but I’m not made for running” and in most scenarios I have to disagree with them. If you can walk, you can probably run, you just have to start. There are a couple of ways in which you can do this, and the main one is heading out with a friend. This will encourage you to set a time and date to get out and will make you accountable. It will also help because it may feel safer than starting out on your own.

Another excuse I regularly hear is “I’m not fit enough,” but everyone has to start somewhere. Why not re-phrase this to ‘if I start running, I’ll get fitter’. A great app is the Couch to 5K which starts you on a walk/run for time, and gradually encourages you to walk less and run more, at your own pace of course. This can be a good way to get started without the pressure of just running.

Plus, think of the calorie burn! Just 30 minutes of running will burn between 280 and 520 calories, depending on your weight, speed and incline. If nothing else changed in your diet and daily activity, other than 3 x 30 minute weekly runs burning an average of 400 calories, you will burn 1 pound of fat in under 3 weeks, as well as enjoying a host of other benefits such as cardiovascular fitness, stress relief, increased metabolism, better mood and encouraging an overall healthy lifestyle.

Not sold yet? How about that it is free? You don’t have to buy a gym membership to run, although the amount of people who drive to a gym to run on a treadmill is staggering. Save your pennies, dust off your trainers and get out there.

If you want to start running, or already do and fancy running as part of a friendly group, I am starting a community run from Monday 4th November at 18:30 around Petersfield. Nothing serious, just a sociable run with a group of likeminded people of varying abilities. You can find out more information on our Facebook group - ‘Petersfield Running Group' here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/521552078627904/

As always, keep sending me questions via email at robcarrpt@gmail.com as I’ll be happy to help.

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