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New Year Vows stretch back to time of Caesar!

The January ‘Health Hype’ is here!

This is the time of year where you are inundated with healthy food adverts, gym promotions and social media influencers selling ‘quick fix products’. January is deemed the best time to start your new healthy regime whether it’s going to the gym you’ve been paying for but not using, dusting off your trainers to take up running or being more selective and creative with your food.

New Year’s resolutions began when Julius Caesar ruled that on January 1st in 46BC, subjects should commit to personal improvement resolutions. After the overindulgence towards the end of 2019, so many people vow to live a healthier lifestyle. However research has shown that around 1/4 of people give up their resolutions within 1 week, while fewer than 1 in 10 will maintain their goal to the end of the year.

So how can you maintain your New Years resolution? Rather than choosing a vague goal of ‘losing weight’, or ‘eating more healthy’, try being more specific and focus on the ‘why’ not the ‘what’. Setting small, achievable goals with an end-point such as being able to complete a 5K run, or fit back into a pair of jeans is a much more sustainable goal as you have a specific target.

Most people will have some sort of weight loss goal, and may choose the gym as their method to do so which is great! The first time you exercise after having more than a couple of weeks off may feel as if you’re carrying around Terry and his chocolate orange on your back. But fear not! The worst part is over once you’ve started.

And that person you walked past in the gym thinking they look the part will also have their insecurities, so next time, offer a smile and if you’re brave enough, a simple ‘hi’. You’ll probably be the best part of their workout. Remember that especially in January, everyone will be in a similar position to you, so don’t worry about what you look or feel like, just have a plan and stick with it.

Remember that a lot of the time, your exercise plan may have to change due to the gym being a lot busier than usual, so have a ‘Plan B’ in mind with your exercise choice. For example, if all the Treadmills are in use, try the Cross Trainer, or Rower. If the Chest Press machine is in use, opt for kneeling press ups instead. It’s worth thinking of these alternatives so you aren’t put off your new healthy routine.

I hope you’re reading this and thinking of how you can achieve your health and fitness goals with a sense of confidence and know how. If not, feel free to reach out to me at robcarrpt@gmail.com and I’ll help where I can.

Happy 2020!


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