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Never Need Motivation Again

One of the most common goals I hear as a personal trainer is “I want to lose weight”. I can usually tell from the initial conversation whether they will succeed or not. It has nothing to do with their genetics, or the amount they want to lose. It really comes down to how much they are willing to change, and if they are ready for it.

One of the main barriers of change, is knowing where, and how to start. Setting a goal like losing 3 stone won’t happen in 3 months unless you chop off a limb or two (which I wouldn’t recommend). Likewise, if a ‘non-runner’ wants to be able to run a marathon with just 2 months training, it is not going to go well. So how do you start the process?

Let’s first tackle the way you think about your goals. Rather than obsessing over the big goal, think of who you want to be, and why. Do you want to be healthy? If so, why? Is it to live longer, be able to play with your grandkids, have a successful career, or a better self-image of yourself? All of these are far more powerful than the goal of losing 3 stone. And they all contribute to you changing your identity to become a healthy person.

The ultimate form of motivation is when a habit becomes a part of your identity. For example, when offered a fast food meal, and saying “no I am trying to be healthy”, instead say “no I don’t eat fast food”. You don’t need to motivate yourself not to eat the cheeseburger, as it isn’t who you are. That being said, if you have parts of your identity that you are proud of, you will have processes to ensure you maintain that identity. For example if you are proud of your biceps, you won’t miss an arm workout!

The goal is not to run a marathon, the goal is to become a runner. The goal is not to read a book, but to become a reader. Your behaviours are usually a reflection of your identity, so if you want to change your identity, start by changing your behaviours.

Start to ask yourself, what would a healthy person do? By doing the actions of a healthy person, you will eventually become that healthy person. Start to think like this when choosing what to order off a menu, deciding how to spend your weekends and which hobbies you take part in. By making the healthy choice, it will result in losing weight, getting fitter and living a healthier lifestyle.

For me, I set my own standards as to what I consider to be healthy. I will exercise at least 4 times per week, play competitive sport, eat healthy food 80% of the time and I will encourage others around me to do so too. You can see why personal training is sort of perfect for me! But I also appreciate Thai food, pizza, lazy days watching films and the odd gin and tonic. I just don’t do any of these things in excess.

I hope this helps you rethink how to start to achieve your goals as I know they can seem big and scary, but they don’t have to be. Decide who you want to be and why, then take the steps of that desired identity. As always, feel free to reach out if you need help starting your journey, or if you have plateaued and need some new ideas. Contact me at robcarrpt@gmail.com or on my instagram page Robcarr11.


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