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How Fit Are You?

Fitness is different for everyone. How ‘fit’ you are depends on your age, your perception and ultimately your goals. People generally like to have a baseline to work towards, to measure improvements overtime. This can be both motivating and will help to keep you on track with your exercise routine. Below I have listed 3 exercises that test your body in a variety of ways and have included some guidance on how well your fitness levels stack up against your average Joe.


The Plank world record was recently broken by George Hood who managed an incredible 8 hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds. George is an ex-marine and at the time of the record, 62 years old. Remember the phrase ‘age is just a number’? The plank uses your whole body, but mainly focuses on your core strength. You hold your body in a straight line on your forearms and tip toes. Your body should stay braced and straight without your hips sagging. Here is a good indication of your ability to perform a plank:

Over 2 minutes - Excellent

75 seconds - 2 minutes - Good

45 seconds - 75 seconds - Average

Less than 45 seconds - Needs work


Every time you sit down and stand up, you are performing a squat. The squat is a fundamental movement in everyday life and also features in some way in most sports. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and toes ever so slightly turned out. Lower (sit) until your thighs are parallel to the floor with your knees in line with your middle toe. Push back up through your heels and repeat. This test is performed without stopping until either physical or technical failure.

50 or more - Excellent

30-49 - Good

16-29 - Average

15 or less - Needs work

Press ups

Pushing a door open or moving a heavy object in front of you or above you require chest, shoulder and triceps strength. Assume the ‘high plank’ position with your hands underneath your shoulders and lower your body down with your elbows pointing between back and sideways, approximately 45 degrees. Push yourself back up to the top and repeat. The test is over once you can’t maintain perfect form, or fatigue physically.

50 or more - Excellent

30-49 - Good

16-29 - Average

15 or less - Needs work

I hope that this has been helpful, and that you will start to use the above 3 tests when considering what progress you have made and not just focusing on what your appearance.

As always, feel free to reach out with questions to robcarrpt@gmail.com.

Healthy regards,


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