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Find Your Inner Strength

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

In my line of work, I am someone in between a stranger and a friend. Contrary to what you might think a personal trainer really is, my style is far from a military one-way communication with lots of ‘yes sir’s’, but instead, I have a relationship with my clients which is similar to that of a therapist. I am someone they can be open and honest with, without judgement. Sometimes all I need to do is listen to their problems, and they feel better for just talking them through. Other times I will offer my advice, but only if they need it, and if I feel I should give it.

We talk about everything. Fashion, politics, sports, family, work, you name it. But when we talk about them, a common theme arises. Their quote usually goes something like ‘wow I never thought I would be able to do that’. Or even ‘please can you video this so I can show X, as they will never believe it’. This sense of pride and self satisfaction goes far beyond just lifting a weight for a number of repetitions. It installs an inner belief, gives a greater sense of self confidence and understanding of how far they can push themselves.

This self belief they feel transforms not only their body, but their work, home and social life. They have the confidence to ask that stranger for their number, push for a promotion at work and go on that ride at the theme park with their grandchild. They live life the way they want and do not succumb to a lack of self confidence or self belief.

You can do so much more than what you thought was possible. Sometimes it just takes someone else to believe in you, for you to believe it. Everyone has more gears to find if they want it enough. Don’t get too caught up with the big goal you set of losing 3 stone or achieving your first pull up. Instead focus on the 1kg you need to lose, then the next and so on. Before you know it, your actions will have compounded and that initial huge goal won’t seem so daunting.


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