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3 Steps To The Best Shape Of Your Life

It’s January, which means for fitness and health professionals, it is the busiest time of year. Helping our existing clients get back ‘on track’ after the Christmas period, as well as new clients wanting to make a positive health change.

It can be overwhelming to know where to start with the amount of information on the internet. Just Google ‘how to lose weight’ and 6,050,000,000 results will appear! Luckily for you, the reader, I have worked in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years alongside hundreds of clients, so I am well-equipped when it comes to what works and what doesn’t.

I cannot give all my secrets away, not because I don't want to, but because there really aren’t any secrets to improving your health and fitness. Put simply, it requires a plan, a goal and consistency. If one of these three elements are missed, you are very unlikely to achieve your goals.

The phrase ‘eat less and move more’ is, on the surface, very simple. But dive a little deeper and there is a lot more to it. Firstly, you cannot just start moving more. You need a plan, some direction and to identify what and when you are going to do. A conversation with any new client who needs to move more, starts with their steps. Something most of us don’t realise the impact they have. An 80Kg man walking 5,000 steps per day at average pace will

burn roughly 225 kcals. Double the step count to 10,000 and it’s around a 450 kcal burn. This is a rough example, but lets keep with those figures for a moment and work out what that looks like over a week, month and year:

Steps are probably the easiest thing to alter without spending money, taking up a new hobby or going to the gym. Of course there are other options to moving more, but start simple and move on from there.

Eating less is again a simple concept and a lot of the time, during the week it can be easier to do so. There is structure around work, family, pets etc. Whereas when the weekend comes, the structure usually isn’t there. This can lead to high calorie brunches, quick grab and go lunches, and indulgent take-outs. Just take a look at the below graph and ask yourself if your eating habits are similar:

Once again, planning and tracking will be a ‘calorie saver’ here. You can estimate what you might have at the restaurant on a Saturday night, which will give you how many calories you have for the remainder of the day. If you do exceed your calories goals, just reduce them the next day. Remember to count the calories over the week rather than just the day. 1,800 calories per day is actually 12,600 calories per week. Start thinking this way and you will forgive yourself for the odd high calorie day and will more likely stay on track.

Lastly, measure your progress. There is nothing worse than making progress without clear checkpoints. Sometimes a photo will show it, other times it could be a belt buckle, dress size or even body circumstances measures. Give yourself the best opportunity to succeed by taking before and during measurements to help you stay motivated.

I have made a ‘3 Steps To The Best Shape Of Your Life’ PDF sheet which is completely free for you to download. Just click the link and enjoy your free copy.

As always, I encourage all questions you might have and if there is any help you need, please don’t hesitate by contacting me at robcarrpt@gmail.com or on my Instagram page @robcarr11.

Have a great start to 2022!


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